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X Country in Saffron walden has over 300 runners competing.

Wednesday 7th November saw over 300 school children competing in the Saffron Walden competition. The sun was shining over Friends Secondary school where the event was held. This year the event had the biggest number of schools competiting from the area. This included -St Thomas More, Radwinter, Friends, R A Butler, Katherine Semar, St Marys and Dame Bradley. The competition had 4 races – these were year 3,4,5 and 6 girls and boys competition. In each race there were over 65boys and 65 girls. The events were as below -Year 3 girls 1st -RAB, 2nd-Katherine Semar and St Thomas more,and  4th Friends.

                                                      Year 3 Boys – 1st-RAB,2nd– St Thomas more and 3rd – Dame Bradbury.

                                                      Year 4 Boys– 1st-RAB, 2nd– S Thomas More and 3rd –Katherine Semar

                                                       Year 4 girls-RAB, 2nd– Friends, 3rd –Radwinter   

                                                      Year 5 girls-– 1st-Friends ,  1st Dame Bradbury, 3rd- St Thomas more                                                                           

                                                       Year 5 Boys -1st-RAB,2nd Friends and  3rd –Dame Bradbury

                                                       Year 6 Girls-   1st-Friends ,1st RAB,and  3rd-Dame Bradbury

                                                       Year 6 Boys -1st-RAB, 1st St Thomas More and  3rd- Dame Bradbury


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  • July 13, 2018 – plt sports mark meeting and ussp AGM
    1:00 pm, Meeting

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