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Saffron Walden and Newport Schools swimming Gala’s.

Wednesday 16th January 2013 was a busy day at The Lord Butler Sports Centre. There were three galas occurring throughout the day. The first event was the middle school competition.  The teams competing were Clavering, Newport, Great Chesterford and Dame Bradbury the results of year 3 and 4 competitions were as follows -Clavering finishing 4th with 51 points,Newport finishing 3rd with 45 points,Great Chesterford 2nd with 39 points and Dame Bradbury winning overall with 61points.

The year 5 and 6 results were Clavering finishing 4th with 26 points, Newport finishing third with 47 points, Great Chesterford finishing second with 38 points and Dame Bradbury winning with 78 points. Therefore Dame Bradbury will be in the final to decide who will swim for Uttlesford in the spring and Summer Games.

In the afternoon the second gala of the day was run which was the small school competition. Five schools competed for the trophies. In  year 3 and 4 event St Marys came fifth with 25 points, fourth position were Debden who finished with 20 points, Third position were Rickling with 39 points. They  won the year 3 swimming event which was a superb result. In second position overall were Chrishall finishing with 42 points, the overall winner was Ashdon with 56 points.

The year 5 and 6 results were extremely close -Fifth were St Marys with 37points, fourth were Debden with 43 points. Third with only 2 points in the final result were Chrishall with 58points and  Ashdon and Rickling were awarded 60 points and so shared the small school trophy and both teams were will be competing for the finals in February 2013.

The final gala was the two large schools in the community competing. As the schools have a large number of children in their school 2 competitors competed as an A and B team’s. In year 3 and 4  RAB B came fourth with 40points, second were Katherine Semar B with 45points points, second were  Katherine Semar A with 70 points. Rab A came first with 71 points a close run competition. Katherine semar A year 4 boys and girls won the event with 37 points.

The year 5 and 6 competition was equally as close- Katherine semar B achieved 41points,RAB B were awarded 55points, Katherine Semar A scored 70 points and RAB A finished with 76 points to go through to the next round of Uttlesford school sport partnership final in February2013.

It was a very exciting day as there were some outstanding individual swimmers in many of the heats. The relays were all very close and the three galas were superbly run. It was great to see improved swimming times compared to last year. The gala’s managed more schools and children than ever before which is great to see.  Big thanks to all the staff who worked hard to organise their teams to attend. I would like to say big thank you to all swimming staff who all volunteered to help run the three events. Well done Mrs Parrish, Mrs Dunlop and Mrs Coleman for all their hard efforts!

Another superb Partnership competition!


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