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saffron walden family host key stage 1olympic dance production.

Radwinter school hosted saffron walden key stage1OLympic performance on monday 19th March 2012. The dance performance was opened with year4,5and6from Radwinter school performing a very exciting performance demonstrating both gymnastics and dance with each child carryingone of the flags fromaround the world. This was then followed with 2 classes in key stage1  from StThomas more performing two exciting dances illustrating many sports thatwould be included in this year in the olympics.  Great Sampford followed with the same style with the class all carrying a hoop illustrating the olympic rings.

The performance then illustrated dances from around the world. Ashdon started this theme with a dance from Egypt. Katherine Semar performed an upbeat Indian performance, with Radwinter reception completing the performance with the students carrying the olympic torches and danced with hoops illustrating the dancers carrying the Olympic torches. This annual performance was highly exciting, allowing the children to experience their own celebration of the Olympic and paralympic year.

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