Henham and Ugley Primary school get the new Platinum award!

Jackie Coleman the  School Games organiser for uttlesford  would like to extend huge congratulations to Henham and Ugley school our first ever  School to receive the new Games Mark Platinum Award.

The Platinum Award was launched earlier this year as an extension of the School Games Mark to reward schools who have maintained consistently high standards with their school sport provision. As part of the extended application the eligible candidates, who had achieved five successive gold awards, were asked to submit a detailed case study along with a supporting paragraph from their School Games Organiser (SGO).

In the country there were  104 winning schools .Henham  received a special plaque to commemorate their achievement and will be entered into a draw to win a surprise presentation visit from a celebrity guest.

Congratulations to Henham this  is fantastic!

USSP Key Step Gymnastics

This years gymnastics was extremely exciting with very close results. The competition took place at Great Dunmow school. The competition was judged by three very strong gymnastic judges.

The results were as follows:

Key stage 1 1st place Great Dunmow, 2nd place Great Dunmow school.

Key stage 2 7 th place Henham and Ugley, 6 th place Howe Green, 4th place – Great Dunmow red and Dunmow St Mary’s red, 3 rd  place Henham and Ugley  yellow 109.2 points2 nd place Dunmow St Mary’s 112.2points and  1st place Great Dunmow with 113.7points. As you can see from the results the scores are really very close.


Year 5/6 Netball High 5’s

Congratulations to Henham and Ugly the winning team. 2nd were Friends school.

A great afternoon of netball well done everyone.

Final results were –

 Positions and schoolsPositions and schools
5thRa butler 1Howe green
7thRadwinterKatherine Semar
9thGreat ChesterfordSt Thomas more
11thStebbingDunmow st Marys
13thFlitch green14th Rickling
15thfelstedKatherine semar 1
17thbirchangerRodings 1
19thRoding’s 2Ra Butler 2
21stSt Marys swGreat Dunmow
23rdRab 3St Thomas more 2
25thGt Easton 
26thRadwinter 2 
28thFlitch green 

USSP Swimming results

The swimming gala at helena Romanes was highly successful . The standard of the schools swimming has definitely improved.

The results are as follows-

Year 3 and 4 competition.

5th Howe Green

4th Great Dunmow

3rd Great Easton

2 nd st Thomas more

And 1st were R A Butler. They will be representing Uttlesford in the level 3 competition in July at Basildon sporting village against the rest of Essex.

The results for year 5 and 6 are as follows

6 th Ashdon

4 th Great Dunmow – Rodings

3 rd Great Easton

2nd R A Butler

And 1st position St Thomas .

They will be representing Uttlesford in the level 3 event.

Good luck to both schools!

Important – New dates for the Summer Term 2016!

As a result of schools on teacher training we have unfortunately had to change the dates of some of the USSP events.

Emails to all schools have gone out, however please ensure that you have entered for the new events!

As a result of the new Level 3 competitions we also have included two new USSP events.

Mon 16th May – Quad kids at JFA Newport 12.45 – 3pm

Mon 23rd May – Three Tees at S/W Cricket Club 12.30 – 3pm

Fri 17th June – Year 5 & 6 Tennis orange balls

Mon 6th June – Cheerleading at Dunmow cheerleading centre Timings tbc

Fri 15th July Year 2 Talent Camp at Dame Bradbury’s School 9.15 – 3pm.

Essex Cross Country Results

The Essex team X country event took place on Thursday 14th April 2016. This took place at Hadleigh Farm in Southend.

The team event was very challenging, however the Uttlesford School Sport Partnership had some fantastic results-

Results for Essex teams results.

Year 3 boys RAButler 2nd

Year 3 girls RAButler 2nd

Year 4 boys Elsenham 2nd

Year 4 girls Dame Bradbury 2nd

Year 5 boys RAButler 2nd

Year 5 girls RAButler 6th

Year 6 boys St Thomas More 2nd

Year 6 girls Friends 2nd

Congratulations to all the schools involved – some pics below of participants.


Thom more
St Thomas More
Elsenham school
Elsenham School
RAB boys
RAB Boys
RAB Girls
RAB Girls
Dame B xcountry
Dame B’s Girls

Hockey Event

For the second year the USSP organised the primary school partnership competition at Joyce frankland academy Newport. The event had an increased number of teams in the event. There were 10 teams in the morning and 10 primary schools in the afternoon. The competition in the morning finished with two very close semi final competitions. The final result were Friends school second and RAButler finishing winners of the morning tournament.

In the afternoon there were another 10 primary school teams. There were many goals scored in the matches resulting with St Thomas More finishing second to Dame Bradbury winning the competition.

The level 3 Essex event is going to be run this Wednesday to see which school in Essex will be the top year 6 team.

RAB Hock